Brasseauxs Kennel

Meet our Mom and Dad

Litter born August 19, 2013 

Well we all have gone on to our forever homes!

Keep an eye out on our babies new home page and watch us grow!

 Our Mom


 Our Dad


Female #1 (Sold to Jason)

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You can watch us grow!

13 - (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window.mp3

Female #2  (Sold to Holden)

Female #3 (Sold to Cheryl) 

Male #1 (Sold )

Male #2 (Sold)

Male #3 (Sold)

Male #4 (Sold to Janea) 

Male #5 (Sold to Kellie) 

Male #6  (Sold to Liz)

Male #7 (Sold)

Male #8 (Sold to Ms. Daniels)